Are Your Roofs Ready to Face the Winter Season? Follow the Tips!

Winters have different impact on homes in different parts of the country. The need to cope up with the chilled winter days becomes quite essential for homeowners, in order to protect their house and the people inside it. Where on one hand routine maintenance on equipment like heaters is essential, but on the other hand maintenance of your roof is also equally important, as per the experts of Brava Roof Tile.

Still Wondering, Why?

Roofs play an important role in protecting the house from chilled winds and snow or possibly hail. As It is just as it is important to install a quality roof, it is equally important to maintain it at regularly, especially when the winters are about to come. When you install a Brava synthetic roofing tile, you won't have these concerns! Here are a few effective tips that will help you understand how to get traditional roof prepared for the cold season:

Get Debris Removed from the Roof

Usually after spring or rainy season, debris like leaves, branches and pine needles get accumulated on the roof. These need to be removed because snow getting accumulated in winters is heavy enough to cause an asphalt roof to cave in.

Get Debris Out Of Gutters

Just as debris can cause the roof to cave in, it can also clog the gutters thus resulting into backed up, stagnant water, which can produce mold and algae and damage the roof. Cleaning of gutters is quite essential in order to prevent the roof from getting damaged or cause damage to the family members or valuable inside your home.

Inspect Damage

Before the arrival of winter, it is important to inspect the damages like missing shingles or discoloration. These problems might seem to be small but can turn up into big disasters.

Replace Worn Flashing

Flashing along chimney and skylights need to be checked regularly because the signs of wear can damage the roofs. Therefore, if the flash has been worn out, it should be repaired immediately.

Check Insulation Property

Making sure the roof is prepared to handle the freezing temperature of winters, Brava Tile experts suggest homeowners get your home's insulation checked. Poor insulation and airflow in your house can increase your energy cost bills significantly.

Got any additional ideas? Great! Call the experts and get started preparing before the winter gets started!